What you might have forgotten for your home business

Digital marketing is an effective way to showcase your brand to the world, but it’s not enough. You need strategies to help your business linger in the minds of those you meet long after you’ve said ‘nice to meet you.’ Business cards, brochures and signage can help you share your brand identity, plus optimise your time at networking events.

Do people still use Business Cards?

Yes. Business cards are a powerful way to show off your brand in a unique, lasting way. The best news is, printing business cards has never been cheaper; an important consideration for any home business owner.

Ditch the classic rectangle

Your business card doesn’t have to be the classic rectangle, you can choose any size or shape you like. If your home business sells dreamy children’s toys, create a business card in the same shape as your best-selling toy.

Share your brand identity 

If your home business sells chic, minimalist crockery; make your card chic and minimalist too. If you choose to use the classic business card shape and size, keep the design succinct and exactly inline with your brand identity.

Consider using a graphic designer or a design firm to help you develop your brand identity. It is one of the most important things you can do in the early stages of your business, as a strong and considered brand identity will stand you in good stead to grow your business.

Shout your business name 

If your home business name is named after yourself, print it boldly on the front of your business card.  It will look effective and strong, project confidence to those you network with and help you in your branding development.

Creative business cards show off your wares

If your home business is in a creative field, transform your business card into a mini showroom of your work. Forget the tiny oblongs of business cards past. Try a postcard with a strong hero image of your best-selling product.

If your home business is a fashion brand, print a strong photo of a stunning model in your best-selling dress on a glossy postcard, with your brand name and website at the bottom. If your budget is tight, print only on one side.

Brochures are still valuable for high risk, high value items

If your business sells high value items like luxury goods, cars, travel experiences or jewellery; captivating brochures are worth the investment to provide potential customers with the chance to consider their purchases.

The initial consideration period and emotion required for high risk, high value purchases can be enhanced by a high-quality brochure.

Opulent brochures filled with luxury items have even become the new coffee table book. If you sell luxury travel experiences to Northern India, cover just four pages in high quality, compelling photos and a few brilliant blurbs of text.

Handy Hints:

Use high gloss, thick paper, and your customers will have a quality, tangible resource to help them decide if they have the stamina for that Himalayan hike to the breathtaking mountaintop temple.

Cheap brochures filled with reams of information are often thrown in the garbage so keep your brochure succinct and visually appealing. Your website is the place to share any extra information about your products. People are less likely to throw out something that is of visibly high-quality materials. This is what has driven the growth of property development brochures that are printed on thick, high quality stock with beautiful imagery and considered copywriting. Some people just like to collect these for their visual appeal.

Use signage and brand-specific marketing

 Signs in your home office

Whether you have a home office dedicated to your brand, or a small corner where you work; your home office needs to be motivating and more ‘office’ than ‘home.’ Whether you print and frame a poster of your business card with your brand’s name boldly emblazoned on it, or you fork out some extra cash for a larger sign, show off your brand proudly.

Signs at trade show booths

Whether you sell trips, clothes, makeup or services, it is important to showcase a clear brand identity at trade shows with strong signage. Research other signage through social channels, especially Instagram, to see what styles (such as neon signage) attract attention.

Business cards, brochures and eye-catching signage are still valuable resources for home businesses to optimize awareness and spread their message. Opt for a unique spin on these classic marketing tools for the most powerful persuasion, and your brand will linger long after you’ve said goodbye.


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