Using technology to stand out

Every business owner understands the difficulties of launching a lucrative marketing campaign. From having to compete with the big shots in your industry to the need to articulate money-making ideas, the demands of running any business can be rather cumbersome.


With humanity’s movement into a more digitally enticing world, the generation of today is known for having shorter attention spans. According to a recent consumer study done by Microsoft, the human attention span today has dwindled from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013. In comparison, a goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds thus making the human attention span even shorter than a goldfish.


The need to constantly be fresh and exciting can prove to be a massive challenge for many businesses especially for those who do not regard creativity as their forte. With the advancements in technology and graphics, Hollywood and the mainstream media has certainly set a high standard for quality graphics and catchy phrases.


By understanding this need for change to accommodate a more technological climate, businesses are met with the challenge of offering something unique and different from all its competitors. Below are some examples of how businesses are finding success in incorporating technology into their operations.


Offer a Mobile Solution


Offspring, a clothing company, was late in the game of developing a mobile optimised website to accommodate its customers while expanding its reach to potential consumers. Once development of a responsive website was completed, customer response hit sky high.


The outcome led to an increase of 15.19% in mobile and tablet conversions, a 102.58% uplift in mobile and tablet revenue year on year, an improved site visibility of 100/100 (from 60/100), and improved search engine rankings with organic traffic increasing by 25.59%.


Offer something Technologically Different


Sheen Group, a smash repair company, through the integration of an “Upload Your Smash” feature into their website, made it easy for potential customers to upload a picture of their smashed vehicle in real-time to Sheen Group via their phone.


This integration of Upload Your Smash was met with phenomenal feedback and engagement with existing and new customers. The feature introduced something unique and different in the smash repair industry which other competitors lacked.


Offer Quick Response Time


The University of Melbourne receives tens of thousands of applications a year for a single semester. With this overwhelming number of applications, the ability to process them quickly and accurately became a massive challenge for the university.


With the integration of a Student Management software program that helps manage the entire recruitment process, the University of Melbourne was able to process more than 40,000 applications for semester one, 2016.


As processing time is often a consideration of prospective students when applying for universities, the response received by the applicants with regards to timing was positive.


This inspiration can be applied to small and medium-sized businesses with the intention to achieve a quick response time. For example, the use of a customer support chat bot in your website will improve on customer service for frequently asked questions.


Wrap Up


The moral of the story is that coming up with a unique twist doesn’t require a big budget and can be the one thing that sends your profits to an all-time high. For example, if you run a local bakery, integrating a feature allowing for advanced online ordering for in-store pickups could help boost customer engagement at your store.


Nothing is set in stone when it comes to business, and the need to create concepts and ideas is what helps businesses thrive. With perseverance and determination to be the best in your industry, you can put a fresh spin on the ordinary through the simple introduction of new forms of technology in your everyday operations.

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