7 Corporate ideas for team building that will actually get your staff excited

Team building doesn’t have to be awkward thanks to brilliant new activities emerging on the scene. In many businesses, employees engage in team building because it’s mandatory, not because they’re excited to join in. Here are some of the most engaging and unique team building experiences to get your employees excited.

1. Go karting at a huge outdoor track

Go karting has had a revamp in 2018 and now means state-of-the-art tracks, great trackside food and incredibly fast karts. Nothing gets employees excited like an attempt to beat the boss, and with top speeds of 75km/h, they’ll jump at the chance to take the lead. Everyone aged 12 and up can drive a go kart, and with great indoor facilities with Wifi, food and drinks, everyone can relax after their attempt to reach the checkered flag first. Great modern go karting venues even offer the option to BYO BBQ goodies and booze to keep costs down for smaller businesses.


2. Charity Chef

Imagine My Kitchen Rules, but for charity. Charity Chef is a fun way to get your employees working together for a good cause. Employees will learn how to make delicious dishes while practicing project management, delegation and creativity in a fun, engaging kitchen setting. Best of all, teams can taste their creations then decide on a worthy charity to donate their meals to.

3. The Amazing Race

Orienteering for grown ups; The Amazing Race can be tailored to your employees ages and abilities. Clues are set at each station, and if you’re feeling really tricky, you can add challenges to complete as well. Everything from running races to balance challenges and puzzle solving are a great way to keep everyone motivated to finish the race.

4. Give a Dog a Home

Building a dog kennel from scratch seems like a pretty standard building challenge, but at the end of the event; a visit from charity dog kennel reps and some cute canines will melt the hearts of your employees. This challenge is ideal if you have pet lovers in your team.


5. Beach Olympics

Perfect for businesses on a budget, Beach Olympics can be anything you want it to be; from sandcastle competitions and a BBQ, to beach races, paddle board competitions and a fully catered beach spread. Your team will relish the opportunity to spend time outside by the water.

6. Bikes for Tykes

Building a bike from scratch sounds tricky, but your employees can figure it out together in this team challenge. They’ll feel a huge sense of achievement after building the bikes plus a real sense of purpose when it’s revealed the bikes will be donated to a children’s charity.

7. Trampolining

Bouncing on trampolines is not just for kids anymore with the advent of fun trampolining centres for all ages. Trampolining is a great way for your team to have some laughs, get active and forget about work.

Team building can be engaging, fun and even create new friendships within your team if you choose the activity wisely. Consider the ages and abilities of your employees and plan well in advance to get everyone excited for the event.


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