Why Big Data Management can be one of the best career moves

Our world is currently getting flooded daily with a huge amount of data, and businesses are baffled with how to use it well. As an increasing number of companies are turning themselves into data-driven institutions, information has become one of their most important assets, however, the vast amount of unstructured data is posing a huge challenge for the companies. Thankfully, with the advent of NoSQL and big data analytics, the task of analysing and interpreting the data has now become easy. Here are some of the reasons why one might consider taking up a career as a data scientist.

There is an increasing demand for analytics professionals

Without the skill to study and analyse it, data is useless. There are currently more opportunities than ever in big data analytics and management and many IT professionals are therefore ready to invest a lot of time and money in training and upskilling.

Increased demand for the expertise

Slowly and gradually, big data is coming out of the area of technology and spreading its wings across other domains such as strategic management, research, development, marketing and sales. This means that the requirement for data analytics is not solely limited to IT but is instead a requirement for many other sectors.

Meeting the skill gap and huge job opportunities

Although the demand for analytics skills is rising steadily, there is still a huge deficit when it comes to the supply. Even though big data analytics is among the top jobs in the world, there are still a lot of unfulfilled jobs due to the shortage of the needed skill, and the talent supply for a data scientist is still very much scarce.

Most companies currently need data

Currently, more and more companies have realised the need for data. It is not only becoming critical for their IT operations but also in their day to day activities. Since it’s increasingly becoming critical it imperative for them to use it in the best way for it to provide value. The big data has, therefore, become one of the best tools for the companies to explore, generate and come up with the best results. This has, in turn, encouraged most professionals to go for big data to take their careers to greater heights.

The salary aspects

Due to the intense demands for data analytics, the wages for big data analytics have improved a great deal. According to a 2015 survey report published by the Institute of Analytics and Professionals, the annual average salary for data scientists is $130,000. The increasing demand for these professionals is also reflected in the increased number of members worldwide. Thankfully, it’s now effortless to get online masters in data science.

Analytics is now an important factor in decision-making

For many companies, analytics is now an essential resource. According to a recent Analytics Advantage Survey , almost 96% of those surveyed feel that in the next three years, analytics will become very important. This can be attributed to the substantial amount of data that’s being used now. Also, 49% of these people believe that analytics is a significant factor when it comes to decision making. One thing is, therefore, self-evident: Analytics plays a vital role in making effective business decisions and pushing business strategy.

No matter how advanced they are, analytics cannot remove the need for human input. However, there is an increasing need for people with the capability to think from the business point of view, understand data, and come up with ideas.

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