5 reasons why you should stay at a serviced apartment on your next business trip

Serviced apartments are the flexible accommodation option that suits the needs of every kind of traveller. For this reason, serviced apartments in Melbourne are quickly becoming the accommodation option of choice for business travellers on a quick work trip or temporary stay. Read on to find our most compelling reasons why you should stay at a serviced apartment on your next business trip.

1. Central location

Serviced apartments are frequently utilised to host business professionals and are therefore often located within the business hubs of all major cities. This means that those on a busy work trip are able to travel quickly from the comfort of a serviced apartment to any meetings. If you are on a strict schedule, staying in a central location cuts down your travel time considerably. This gives you more opportunities to relax and explore everything that an unfamiliar city has to offer.

2. Home away from home

While staying at a hotel can sometimes be a nice treat, many people often begin craving that ‘homely’ feeling when staying in an unfamiliar city and in an unfriendly hotel room. Serviced apartments encourage guests to get cosy in their new (temporary) home and to enjoy all of the home comforts provided.

Access to a fully-functional kitchen and in-unit laundry facilities enable guests to have the same level of privacy and autonomy that they enjoy within their own home. You do not need to rely on a stranger in guests services to iron your business shirt or have to go alone to a different restaurant every night to have a meal. With access to all of the amenities you would find in a standard family home, serviced apartments provide a true home away from home experience.

3. Bespoke experience

One of the major benefits of staying in a serviced apartment is that your experience can be tailored to your individual needs in ways that cannot be provided by a hotel. There is complete flexibility in how and when you utilise the services offered within a serviced apartment, including housekeeping, concierge and in-dining services. Serviced apartments, therefore, enable you to fully customise your experience for your ultimate comfort.

4. Spaciousness

According to The Apartment Service Worldwide, serviced apartments are up to 30 per cent larger than standard hotel rooms. If you have just come from a long flight, there is nothing worse than arriving at your accommodation to find a cramped room with no space to work.

Serviced apartments offer guests a variety of different room configuration options for their stay. Such options include an open studio space or 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. In a standard hotel room, business travellers are often required to sleep, work and eat all in the same room. A serviced apartment provides you with the comfort of a separate bedroom, kitchen and work area. If you will be working in a new city for months at a time, a serviced apartment also provides you with more space to welcome and entertain guests in your temporary home.

5. Privacy and security

Working on sensitive or confidential matters can be difficult at a public hotel. Serviced apartments provide a private and self-contained accommodation option for business travellers. This means you can conduct your work in peace and with total privacy, separate from the hustle and bustle of the usual hotel crowds. With 24-hour CCTV, 24-hour concierge services and secure entry facilities, you can rest assured that you and your documents are protected in a serviced apartment.



With all the amenities required to work and live in comfort, serviced apartments have quickly become the most popular accommodation choice for business professionals. The next time you are on a business trip, ditch the cramped hotel room and enjoy the home comforts and luxury of a serviced apartment.

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