The six best small business investment opportunities in Adelaide

Are you on the hunt for Adelaide’s best small business opportunities? Are you thinking about starting a business in this wonderful city but simply don’t know where to begin? If so, then you will want to read on to find out the best small business opportunities in the city.

Adelaide, as one of Australia’s smaller cities, is seeing an outstanding increase in investment. As prices continue to dramatically increase in Melbourne and Sydney, people are making the switch to the central city for investment opportunities.

Building inspections Adelaide understands a thing or two about small business in the city. We help new business owners find their locations by conducting thorough pre-purchase inspections. This helps to ensure the business owner is not paying too much for their storefront or business location.

Adelaide ripe with opportunity and you might just need to know where to start before investing in your own business venture.

Below are six of the best small business investment opportunities in Adelaide.

1. Cooking gas retail

Cooking gas is essential for most Adelaide properties. Apart from individuals who use gas cookers for preparing their meals, corporate establishments like restaurants, hotels, fast food outlets and catering companies utilise cooking gas to power their business.

This is why investing in the industry is a great way to make some profit. Cooking gas retail is a straightforward industry to get involved in. You simply need some safety training and a regulatory agency licence to get started.

2. Driving classes

Driving in Adelaide is illegal without a government issued driver’s licence. To obtain a licence, you have to undertake driving tests which you must pass to receive the licence. There are plenty of people making the move to Adelaide who require drivers licences. Additionally, there are plenty of young adults who ave just reached legal driving age or people who have just purchased their first cars and are wanting to drive them.

All of these people require the services of professional driving instructors to help them through the test and teach them the skills of driving. The best thing about starting a driving school is the lack of limits to the number of clients you can acquire. As long as you provide a good service you always have new clients coming through the door.

3. Repossession business

Repo businesses help companies repossess items from loan defaulters. For example, if someone obtains a car loan and fails to meet their obligations, the company would have to repossess the car. A lot of companies would prefer to hire a third party repo business to retrieve the vehicle for them.

4. Pet food production

Adelaide is a city of large blocks and free space so pets are commonplace amongst individuals and families. Pet feed is pretty easy to produce and there isn’t too much competition in the industry. It is a viable and sustainable industry to enter and is great for anyone looking to start a business in Adelaide.

5. Scrap metal sales

The scrap metal business can be very lucrative for people in the know. Plenty of companies pay top dollar for recycled materials which are then used to produce roofing sheets and iron.

There are two ways to create this business. The first being to own your own scrap metal depot where scrap collectors can come and sell their product to you in large quantities to the businesses who require them. Or, you can become a scrap metal yourself. The first requires more capital then the latter.

6. Online tutoring

The internet has made is possible to start businesses that would have been impossible 25 years ago. Students can now sit behind their computers for homework assistance, after-school help and project assistance. Wen you start your online tutoring business, you would not only be helping Adelaide students but students from across the world and this can be highly lucrative.

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