How to upgrade your office for a bigger workforce

It’s a proud day when you reach the capacity of your first office, with your faithful team no longer fitting comfortably in the once enormous space you leased on a wing and a prayer. When that pride subsides, it’s replaced with some logistical questions that need to be answered if you want the greatest outcomes and workflow from your workforce. From administration requirements to the office toaster, here is how you can upgrade your office for bigger success without getting a new lease right away. 

Power and connectivity

If it was only a question of desks and chairs, offices would have a denser workspace per square meter. Although it’s the power and connectivity capability that will govern the number of bodies per power points. Before you order another couple of bench desks, consult a commercial electrician to ensure that this is indeed possible and if it does not discuss the feasibility of adding more power points throughout your office. You may also want to reassess your internet plan, as you may find things slowing down with the introduction of new internet users under your roof. 

Understand and abide by your legal requirements 

Providing fresh fruit to your team is a great perk, but certainly not a legal requirement. Safe access points and the appropriate number of bathrooms is, however, and you won’t want to be caught on the wrong side of this law. It would also be worth looking into your lease to make sure your landlord will not uncover anything unsatisfactory that goes against the initial agreement and terms of your lease. You should also take the time to review what you are offering your workforce and see if you can enhance the existing setup. It’s not a legal requirement for an employer to offer a fridge to store food, but this is an inconsequential cost and one that could make a world of difference to your team. 

Get smart with your space

You may have found that four meeting spaces were the perfect use of your upstairs floor, but that may not be the case anymore. Every inch of your space should be scrutinised so that you can better spread your team and do away with dead space that isn’t serving the value you need it to. Beyond the physical shifts, take a look at your team meetings and see if you can actually spread the larger meetings across the five days working week to avoid any bottlenecks and uncomfortable brainstorming sessions. If your workplace is so inclined, this may even be a great time to introduce flexible working arrangements to reward staff, but also free up some of the office space. 

Rise of the hot desk

Hot desking isn’t just the latest trend for millennials looking to break the wheel. It also has many benefits to the employer. Establishing a hot-desking environment will condition employees to be more minimalist with their desk ornaments and clutter, and it allows you to squeeze more bodies around the office space. Research has also seen that hot desking promotes a more agile mindset, with teams interacting with those they haven’t previously. Simply offer each staff member a small filing cabinet with wheels that they can wheel from desk to desk, and watch your office space shrink again.. for the time being. 

Regardless of the logistical nightmares that come with expanding your office, it’s an exciting time in your business history! By getting on to this sooner rather than later you can leverage the growing momentum and not get any employees offside who might not be accustomed to sharing. 

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