How Web Design Helps Businesses

Why is a professional web design so incredibly important?

Because a recent poll revealed that 63% of all shopping begins online and that 50% of that number is done through mobile devices. Currently, businesses are selling more through their digital portal than through physical locations.

A website is primarily your first impression. It is the number one tool your business has right now to generate traffic and sales.

Right now, businesses all around the world are investing in web designs, mostly on account that they know that their future lies in the digital frontier of the web. They need their websites to be an extension and representation of their brand in every aspect.

Let’s look at some reasons why Web Design is pivotal to a great enterprise and overall what it brings to the table.

1. It’s your calling card:

It’s the first impression someone will have of your business. A scientific study proved that 66% of people who only had 15 minutes to consume content would prefer to see something beautiful than something informative and simple.

A good website helps you keep your audience, leads and clients hooked. Your website is your best foot forward. Statistically, over 79% of people search for a product online and not in stores. Of that, 79%, of people first evaluate the business’ website before deciding whether to invest in a product or visit the locale.

2. It helps out with your SEO strategy:

A good website done up by professionals takes into account all the principles of SEO placement. It is part of why every business needs not only a website but a properly coded one that responds positively to search engines and is responsive on mobile devices.

Also, a proper website design will help you protect your digital investment by fire-walling you against hackers and malware.

3. Customer Service:

Your website is your customer representative. It is the digital face of your business. It’s not just about giving a good first impression but of being efficient to a fault. Of helping out the customer’s needs. If your contact form doesn’t work, or your website doesn’t have the necessary info, or it crashes then it’s as if someone walked into your store and didn’t get proper attention.

Your website’s devotion to your customer’s needs and how it faces them is as important as the product you’re trying to sell.

4. Pre and Post Sales Services:

Your website, particularly if you’re selling a product is essential to your client’s needs. This is how they get in contact with you, get the specs’ on new products, download updates, track shipments, login to their accounts and a number of other actions.

Websites have become an industry standard. Each website is a small personalized ecosystem of a customer’s buying decisions and the interactions they have with your company.

Some websites, like Amazon, even track their customer’s decisions and offer products that fit with their purchase. 75% of customers expect to see new products on a regular basis. They expect their brands to keep them in the loop and to a certain degree to track them. In order for that to occur, a website needs to have a database of its clients and profile of their activities.

5. It is your Storefront:

If you’re not selling online then you’re only selling to a select group and not really exploiting all your possibilities. Stores or businesses that sell online even if it’s not a product but an idea are the ones that are moving the market. They are the ones generating not only new customers but converting old ones into loyal clients and creating the trends.

6. Leads to conversions:

A great website will inevitably lead to conversion. To your visitor filling out a form, or purchasing an item, or simply enticing a person into becoming an eventual client. The main reason is that the more time a person stays on a site, the greater the chance of the purchase.

These are only 6 of the reasons why it’s important to have a professional website. Professional website are by far the most critical tool right now for any business. The latest statistics have pinpointed that, 1.8 billion people shop online and of that group, more than 62% do it on a regular basis. Businesses, nowadays, simply can’t afford not having a website.

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