How to find your footing in the food & hospitality industry

A career in the hospitality industry can be an incredibly rewarding experience. The hospitality industry is a parent category to a multitude of different pathways and career options, making it one of the most diverse industries that exist today. One of the biggest sectors of hospitality is, of course, the food industry. If you are looking for ways to find your footing in the food and hospitality industry, grab a cuppa and read on to find out more. 

 1.  Find your niche

Mastering your skillset and finding your niche is probably the most important aspect of finding your footing in the food and hospitality industry. Are you a culinary school graduate looking for a job in a top restaurant? Perhaps you’d rather focus more on providing restaurants and cafes with packaging, vacuum sealer machines and kitchen appliances. Some may prefer a more interactive job in hospitality such as waitressing or bartending. Whatever your passion is, step one to your success is finding your niche and perfecting it. With such an enormous scope for progression, the faster you figure your niche out, the better. 

2.  Undertake an internship

Getting to the top is an arduous process, whether it is in the hospitality industry or any other field of speciality. This is why we highly recommend that you undertake internships wherever possible. Whilst internships may seem like a pain in the bum, they are a great way to learn from your seniors and get exclusive insight into the food and hospitality industry. Internships allow you to pick up vital skills that you will be able to use for years to come and can even lead to you getting a job with the company you are interning with. Internships are a fantastic way to make industry connections that may prove to be incredibly useful in the future. 

3.  Networking is key

No matter what industry you are involved in, one can always benefit from networking. Building your network and connecting with like-minded individuals in your sector creates the opportunity for you to get in touch with valuable contacts which will be able to help you access other opportunities. Some easy ways for you to network is via platforms such as LinkedIn, attending events or even reaching out to peers who may be in the hospitality and food industry. You never know what opportunities lie ahead when you get out there and make yourself known. 

4.  Do your research

If you’re looking to find your footing in the food and hospitality industry, it is so important that you do your research. Having industry awareness is key and consistently studying the industry and its market is vital to your success. Brushing up on industry standards, expectations, laws and regulations will help ensure that you are up to date with current trends in the industry, thus making you relevant and ready to tackle any job that comes your way. 

5.  Strengthen your communication skills

Hospitality is an industry that is based on communication and interaction with others. Without proper communication skills, it is almost impossible for someone to succeed in hospitality. This is why we highly recommend that anyone looking to penetrate the market works on not just communication skills but also interpersonal skills. This will allow you to offer terrific customer service, assist you in delegating tasks to staff and having a good rapport with colleagues and clients. 

Being a part of the hospitality and food industry can truly be one of the most rewarding careers that you could involve yourself in. We hope that this article has given you some valuable knowledge on how you can find your footing in the world of food and hospitality.

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